Here is your chance to participate in the biggest ideas of our time. Help spread the word about the Singularity Summit. Tell others, and bring your ideas to the plate. Here’s how you can help:

Blog about it

Tell your readers about the Singularity Summit. Go to the Overview page for summit information and bloggable tidbits. Let us know about your post and we’ll link to you from our Buzz page. Link to this site, link a youtube video or link to other blogs talking about this, post banners on your website linking to this website.

Invite your friends

Build new friendships and strengthen old ones. Bring more bright minds into the mix. Everyone needs to be thinking about these ideas.

Join a group

Be part of the discussion at your favorite social site. Stay up to date and connect with other attendees. Send a link to your other networks and mailing lists too. Get active in online discussion groups and chats and always include a URL in your signature. (Don’t do any hard selling, though. Most groups frown on such behavior and will think you’re spamming the group.)

Social Bookmarking

Start with the big four: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon[1] and

Tell the press

If you have media contacts, send them a press release. Be a valuable source of exciting information. Let local, national, and online press know about the Singularity Summit in advance and encourage them to cover it.

Post flyers

Print and post flyers in Universities, on posting poles, in windows or around the neighbourhood . Start at college campuses, bookstores, your office, and anywhere you regularly go. If you go there, chances are others like you do as well. Help them discover the summit.

Get creative!

Add the Singularity Summit to your email signature, make a video and post it to YouTube, create a piece of Singularity art to share online. The possibilities are limitless. Tell us about your idea to spread the word.

1) StumbleUpon is a very innovative social bookmarking site that allows users to discover great websites by using a browser toolbar. When the user clicks on “Stumble” he will be delivered a website that people with similar interested rated positively. The user is also able to give positive and negative ratings to any website that he visits on the Internet

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If you want to know more, or have any ideas yourself, please contact us.


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