Owner and Managing Director of The Podcast Network, the world’s first podcasting business.

Co-host of “G’Day World” (the very first Australian podcast), as well as several other podcasts on TPN.

An internet/e-business consultant since 1995, and has done hard time with companies such as Microsoft and OzEmail.

Cameron Reilly

  • Co-founded The Podcast Network, Australia’s first social media company, in 2004.
  • As CEO, built it into one of the largest independent media sites in Australia, with around 500,000 unique visitors a month.
  • Accomplished this without taking any funding or employees.
  • An early user of Twitter in Australia, currently with ~10,000 followers. Have a good understanding of the different strategies for using Twitter as a communication channel.
  • As an independent consultant, have produced social media and social media strategies for a long list of large and small clients, including Telstra, Microsoft, City of Melbourne, Tourism Victoria, Tourism QLD, Brisbane Marketing, Wotnews, Perdomo Cigars, Instyle Pergolas, Groggle, Data3, WardyIT, Homer Hudson, etc.
  • Currently consulting to a number of Brisbane-based companies as their digital strategist.
  • Spent much of 2009/10 consulting to a leading Brisbane advertising agency as their Head of Digital Strategy.
  • Called one of the 40 Biggest Players in Australia’s Digital Age by B&T Magazine, featured on the front cover of Australia’s Bulletin magazine and profiled in Australian Anthill magazine, and my company, The Podcast Network, was selected by EContent Magazine as one of their Top 100 Companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
  • A regular speaker on issues surrounding social media and social networking and the future of media.
  • Prior to starting TPN, I spent fifteen years working in sales and marketing roles at Microsoft and Ozemail, as well as in corporate video production and the financial services industry.