Singularity Summit 2010 in Melbourne Victoria to explore emerging technological trends

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Speakers include AI Architect Hugo deGaris, Futurist Peter Ellyard

Melbourne Victoria 2010 — Will it one day become possible to boost human intelligence using brain implants, or create an artificial intelligence smarter than Einstein? In a 1993 paper presented to NASA, science fiction author and mathematician Vernor Vinge called such a hypothetical event a “Singularity”, saying “From the human point of view this change will be a throwing away of all the previous rules, perhaps in the blink of an eye”. Vinge pointed out that intelligence enhancement could lead to “closing the loop” between intelligence and technology, creating a positive feedback effect.

This September 7th, 10-12th, hundreds of AI researchers, robotics experts, philosophers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and interested laypeople will converge in Melbourne to address the Singularity and related issues at the only conference on the topic in Australia, the Singularity Summit. Experts in fields including artificial intelligence, bio-ethics, tissue regeneration, medical ethics, computational neurobiology, cryonics, futurism, and more will share their latest research, brightest ideas, and explore their implications for the future of humanity.

“This is the first Singularity Summit outside the US, and will be a great event,” said Adam Ford, coordinator of the Singularity Institute Australia, which is hosting the event.

Russell Blackford, editor of “50 Voices of Disbelief” who is a contributor to IEET, will explore the ethical and practical implications of key emerging technological trends. Futurist Peter Ellyard will discuss opportunities that innovation and technology can provide and his book ‘Designing 2050′.

Interested readers can watch videos from past summits and register via the website.

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“The Singularity Summit Australia represents a great opportunity, because Singularity-related ideas, being once a vague and strange to most, are growing into an increasingly powerful force of possibilities in the minds of anyone who is technologically literate. For those who are already familiar with the accelerating pace of technological change, the Summit will help broaden peoples awareness of the widening vista of possibilities resulting from technological developments (for instance in biotechnology, nanotechnology and AI).

It will be a fantastic opportunity for networking with people who are not ignoring the importance of technological growth, and who are aware of trends of technology moving into almost every endeavor, the impact this has on industry direction/headroom, and the mechanics of which society floats – not to mention the advantages that strategic vision can give.

We hope to see you at the Singularity Summit in Melbourne. If this is of interest, and this is an event not to be missed, please register right now.

Feel free to email us and we will keep in touch with you about further developments.

The Summit will be held at RMIT in Melbourne on September the 7th, 11th and 12th 2010.  Specific details can be found on the website.”

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As our world emerges out of one of the worst global financial slow downs in recent times, and learns to grapple with a dynamic and ever changing economy, we are faced with even more challenges – how will we use our current and emerging technologies to survive and adapt, to become increasingly agile, socially connected, and most of all – to flourish.

Centered on the themes of ethics and adapting with technological change, the Singularity Summit AU will explore some of the most important and relevant ideas that will empower you with valuable insight, enabling you to prosper in this climate of change, now and into the future.

This is an event not to be missed. If this is of interest to you please  register now >>.

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“We are pleased to host the Singularity Summit Australia 2010, a rare gathering of thinkers to explore the rising impact of science and technology on society. The summit has been organized to further the understanding of a controversial idea – the Singularity scenario. This is the very first Singularity Summit outside the US – and it will be held in Melbourne, Australia on the following dates: September 7th(tues), 11th(sat) and 12th(sun).
It will consist of a lineup of local and international presenters. If this is of interest to you please  register now >>. “

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“Are you bored? Stop moping around all depressed about the future that didn’t happen, stop hiding under your bed from the dystopian future that could happen, its time to put down the remote, get up from your couch and participate in creating a more beneficial future. Lets Get Rational! Forget your tarot cards, the types of futures you trade on the stock exchange, come on down and witness amazing presenters speak about incredible things! Ponder how things once thought to be ‘impossible’ became plausible! Put on your thinking caps and help steer our path towards a preferred future (whilst helping decide what that really means). If this is of interest to you please  register now >>.”