Kevin B. KorbIt has lots of nice diagrams, and mathematical formulas.
It covers various topics, inc:
*what would an ai be
*turing tests
*Strong AI
*Ethics of AI
*Weizenbaum’s anti-ai argument
*Ai smarter than us is out of our control, not sharing our motives, constraints and ethics , therefore when humans and AI have a conflict of interests, AI’s win, and humans loose… – and so AI research is unethical
*Counter argument – it is proposed that Ethical AI research is ethical
*Asimov’s stories show his laws of robotics breaking down and not working
*Rewritten Asimov’s laws of robotics
*Ethical Systems
*Deontological Systems (reqires natural language first)
*Virtue Ethics (reqires natural language first)
*Egoism (hollywood)
*Utilitarianism (shown as the ethical and feasible one)
*Consciousness of AI makes it an agent deserving of free will
*Building an Ethical AI would:
*Help solve 21st century risks
*Its progeny would most likely be Ethical as well

The file is in PDF format here: Kevin Korb – aiethics

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