I'm just going to backup by brain

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Another media appearance for techno-progressive related ideas. “I’m just going to back-up my brain” was the title of the article found in the mX newspaper, which reaches over 310,000* people in Sydney*, 307,000 people in Melbourne and 112,000* people in Brisbane every afternoon. * Panorama National Survey (July 2009 – june 2010) Survey 5

People will be able to back-up the human brain, including all the memories it contains, within the next two decades, a leading scientist has claimed. Award-winning futurist Raymond Kurzweil, 62, told 500 guests at a sponsored ‘‘future talk’’ event in Vienna, Austria, the human brain back-up was already technically possible.
‘‘I believe that within the next 20 years we will have thousands of nanobot computer machines in our blood that will heal our bodies, improve our performance, and even be able to back-up all the contents of our brains, just as you back-up your files on a computer,’’ he said.
‘‘That means they would back-up every thought, every experience, everything that makes us an individual.
‘‘It may sound far-fetched, but in the early 1980s, people thought I was crazy for predicting the emergence of the world-wide web by the middle of the 1990s. But it happened, and on the schedule I predicted.’’

At the age of 15, Kurzweil created a program that could re-create music in the style of the great composers, which earned him a visit to the White House and an interview with then US President Lyndon B. Johnson. He also built the first machine that could read written speech for the blind for musician Stevie Wonder – for whom he also later made a revolutionary musical synthesizer capable of re-creating real instruments. Kurzweil has 19 honorary doctorates and advises governments, scientists, military and business people across the world and is currently working with Google on a project about how to solve the world’s energy problems.

*Thanks to Stuart Dobson for the heads up!

P.s. if anyone knows of any other media coverage on related subjects, please let us know!

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