The 68th World Science Fiction Convention will be held 2-6 September 2010 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Our Guests of Honour are Hugo-winning author Kim Stanley Robinson, award-winning Melbourne artist Shaun Tan, and dedicated fan Robin Johnson. Melbourne has also hosted Worldcons in 1975, 1985, and 1999.

The annual Worldcon brings together science fiction and fantasy professionals and fans from around the world. All forms of SF&F are represented – film, television, comics, costuming, gaming, and especially literature. Programming includes panel discussions, lectures, science demonstrations, films, readings, and autographing.


P.S. We are organisng the Singularity Summit to be in September to coincide with this event. So this means that the Australian Singularity Summit would be from the night of 10th(fri) through to the 12th(sun) of Sept. So it would start 4 days after the World SF Conv ends. Note that I am working on the assumption that there are some significant crossovers between the concepts around Singularitarian/Technoprogressive/Futurist ideas and a lot of Science Fiction (esp hard sf).

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