The Future of Energy, Resources and Climate Change

On 5 July, 2010, in Events, Info, by Adam A. Ford

Skeptics Café happens on the third Monday of each month at La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon Street Carlton. (nearest intersection – Pelham Street). We commence with a drink and a meal from about 6pm, and there is usually a talk from 8pm. Skeptics Cafés are public events – everyone is welcome.

John Perkins will raise concerns about our energy future in his presentation The Future of Energy, Resources and Climate Change.

Dr John L Perkins is a Melbourne economist, mathematical modeller, software developer and writer. He has qualifications from universities in Melbourne and London, and is a member of the Humanist Society of Victoria, the Rationalist Society of Australia, and the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

Some of the biggest questions regarding the future of human civilisation revolve around the future of energy resources and the effects of fuel combustion on climate. John has been building econometric models for over 30 years and in his latest research has sought to answer these questions using an 80 county economic model to form projections to 2050. By this date energy resources will be substantially depleted and remaining reserves will be highly localised, making trade logistics highly problematic. High energy prices will cause economic hardship but will force the world into alternative energy production more effectively than any trading scheme. John has also made quantitative estimates of the effects fossil fuel combustion on atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and the effects this has on global temperatures. Unless there are runaway effects, global temperature increase may be limited to 2 degrees due to the substantial exhaustion of fossil fuel supplies.

Recommended pre-reading:

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Other References:

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