Dr. Greg Adamson, Chair of IEEE SSIT (Australia) and Vice-Chair of IEEE Victoria Will be speaking at the Singularity Summit in Melbourne September 2010.

Greg Adamson will be presenting on things that hinder socially beneficial technology.
“Technologies service many human needs. Socially beneficial technologies can also assist in resolving some of the world’s most pressing problems: climate change; access to safe drinking water; quality housing; universal health care. Often a technology already exists, awaiting to be applied. In other cases it is within grasp given appropriate prioritisation. This paper considers approximately 100 theories of and approaches to technology innovation and adoption regarding the question, How is the failure of socially beneficial technology explained? Approaches include legal, regulatory, political, philosophical, sociological, usage, psychological, technical, economic, commercial, and marketing…”

Greg lives a professional life devoted to the pursuit of the research, design, delivery and operation of effective technology.
Greg Adamson’s Specialties:

  • Security/governance
  • Project management
  • Industry analysis
  • eBusiness

Vice-chair, Victorian Section IEEE (Non-Profit; Non-Profit Organization Management industry) January 2010 — Present (7 months)

Also see the IEEE Spectrum Singularity Special:

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