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On 10 November, 2011, in Events, Info, by Adam A. Ford
  December 3-4, Humanity+ @ Hong Kong at Polytechnic University. The historic first-ever transhumanist conference in Asia, will be at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Check out the amazing speaker list on the preliminary conference website
The first Humanity+ conference held in Asia will take place in Hong Kong, on the 3rd-4th of December 2011 at the Chiang Chen Studio Theatre located on campus in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Tickets will be on sale soon through our online ticketing section or through Hong Kong Polytechnic University.Revolving around the theme “Living Forever”, the conference will explore recent science and engineering breakthroughs that seem to be leading toward biological, physiological or cybernetic means of living forever. This includes work on life extension biology and cyber-immortality, but also work on supporting disciplines like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, brain-computer interfacing and quantum computing, that will help us build the technologies needed to dramatically extend human life.For a noted inventor and futurist’s perspective on the synergies between these unfolding sciences and technologies — and the viability of radical human life extension in the relatively near future — see Ray Kurzweil’s recent book The Singularity Is Near.We will complement these scientific topics with consideration of non-scientific approaches exploring the mind and the non-dualistic sense of eternal life — in the spirit of Buddhist philosophy, and Wittgenstein’s view that “If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.” 

Humanity+ @ Hong Kong will consist of a series of talks and panel discussions featuring live international and local speakers. Leading Western futurist visionaries will present alongside some of the most exciting researchers, engineers and thinkers active in Hong Kong and China today. The goal is to spark discussion and spread ideas and knowledge with the purpose of inspiring action and providing networking opportunities to benefit society..

There will be 4 themed sessions, touching different aspects of the broader theme of Life Extension, Life Expansion, and bettering humanity through technology:Session 1: Life Extension.Scientific means of radically extending the human healthspan.Session 2: Mind Expansion.Getting beyond the everyday ways of thinking and being, and exploring a non-dualistic sense of eternal life — a domain where cognitive science, neuroscience and future technology meet Eastern wisdom and the simple joy of being aliveSession 3: Next Generation Minds. New forms of intelligence enabled by emerging technologies: Artificial general intelligence, brain computer interfacing, mind uploading. The potential of these technologies to help us extend and expand human life, as well as to create new forms of life. 

Session 4: Transformative Technologies. Advanced science and engineering being carried out in university and corporate labs today, pointing in directions with the eventual possibility of radically transforming life as we know it. Nanotech, synthetic biology, quantum computing, and more.


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