Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 – May 4-6

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Keep up to date on what is happening for the next H+ Summit in Melbourne.

The Humanity+ @ Melbourne conference is a collaboration between Humanity+, a nonprofit organization with chapters around the world.

Previous Humanity+ conferences have occurred in a variety of locations including Europe, South America, Hong Kong, and major US universities like Harvard and Caltech. This is the second Humanity+ conference to take place in Melbourne Australia.

Aubrey de Grey is coming to Town

Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey de Grey has seen much attention about his theories on robust rejuvenation.


Here is an article in the Age in 2005:


“With the right engineering and maintenance, humans can live until they are 1000, says Aubrey de Grey. John Elder investigates.

AUBREY DE GREY looks like a scrawny Ned Kelly, with his beer-catching beard and red-rimmed eyes, a thriving survivor of the long past. His name suggests someone born a long time ago. Maybe it’s a name that will come back in vogue hundreds of years hence?

Dr Aubrey de Grey — despite his love of ale and junk food — hopes to be there, walking around in that far-away future. De Grey says he knows what is required to cure ageing.”

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