All things futurist…

Activities:  General discussion on all things future…
A presentations may be given – if so they will be videoed.
IF it is NOT held at a pub, you can BYO drinks and nibbles.
What is it? The Singularity / Future Salon is a (mostly) monthly discussion group where people get together for educational, fun, and challenging presentations, discussions, and dialogue on important trends and innovations in science, technology, business, and social change. The meta-theme for the Salon is a multidisciplinary inquiry into accelerating change, and the implications, issues, and challenges that rapid ongoing change creates.
The importance of being an open-minded, broadly-interested and informed lifelong learner is one of the personal implications of accelerating change that we seek to internalize and model.
From our perspective, Future Salons serve three main purposes:
A. Education
about interesting, practical, and useful trends and tools in our rapidly changing world
B. Networking
among a multidisciplinary community of positive, practical and passionate change leaders
C. Socializing
among future oriented people, forming a regular, supportive, and fun community.

This is a free event.


Discussion on the Singularity Summit just past, some of the talks and the next H+ Summit moving forward.

Boldly Creating a World that Works for All.

Look further. Think deeper. Act smarter.
Share the surprising present. Make great friends. Get more important things done.

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Here is a playlist of videos taken at previous meetings:

Previous Meetings

Center for Neural Engineering on 11/11/11

Date time: 11/11/11 Friday 7pm

(Note, some may wish to catch up at the Corkman for dinner at 5.30 onwards until 6.50 as the Centre for Neural Engineering is around the corner).

Centre for Neural Engineering 203 Bouverie St, Carlton Victoria 3053 (opposite corner of Lincon Square Park) <-thanks to Colin Hales for this excellent and well suited venue
It is recommended to view the Google Map Location (Note the building looks different than the old google street view)
On street parking outside available.

Prudence Bar North Melbourne

A general salon/discussion style chat about all things futurist…horizons of science, near term possibility…etc There is a bar, so beer is allowed.


David Chalmers

Previous discussions @ Singularity Salon have been on Chalmers paper, Beleif as Attire (Less Wrong), the H+ Summit 2011, and the Singularity Summit 2010.

There is a good post on David Chalmers article “The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis” at Less Wrong, 201 comments, and counting.
See Below for his talk at the Singularity Summit in New York 2009.

Abstract for his talk: “The technological “singularity”, or I.J. Good’s “intelligence explosion”, is the rapid transition from greater-than-human artificial intelligence to superintelligence. I will set out and analyze the argument for an intelligence explosion, and will consider the forms that such an explosion might take. I will also consider resulting practical and philosophical issues. If a singularity is likely, what are the best strategies for ensuring a good outcome? Will systems in a post-singularity world be conscious? Can we be among them?”

Singularity SalonHad a generalised meeting entitled ‘Singularity Salon‘ on a few things futurist at Prudence bar in North Melbourne… A good turnout, had a round table discussion for about 5 hours and made plenty of noise.
We spoke about a range of subjects including the Japan nuclear disaster, CEV (Coherent Extrapolated Volition), what the metaphor of the Technological Singularity means (can’t see past the Event Horizon of a black hole) – a definition of what the Singularity is and what it isn’t:
- it isn’t the accelerating returns or technological development that may lead into a Singularity, it isn’t an infinite growth after a Singularity upwards ad infinitum, it isn’t referring to a black hole
- it is more like that IJ Good defined as an Intelligence Explosion
We also spoke about a word made up on the spot: ‘enflourishment’, and what that word could mean. Actually found out later that the word really does exist.
Lastly we spoke on the dynamics and biases of conspiracy oriented thinking, some common behaviors associated with orgs like Ralien UFO cults. Also future less wrong meetings in Melbourne.
Thanks to all those who came along.
We are planning to have more in the coming months.