60 Minutes Mini Documentary on the Singularity University

On 17 October, 2010, in Info, News, by Adam A. Ford

Spend the next 15 minutes watching a 60 Minutes documentary with reporter reporter Rod Vaughan who visits the Singularity University,” a university unlike any other”. It is a great introduction to future possibilities. And it is great to watch these concepts weave their way into mainstream. Singularity University on 60 Minutes New Zealand from Luke [...]

Brain Research in the Digital Age – Professor Mark Ellisman Ph.D. – Forum at ICT4LifeSciences at Melbourne Uni

On 14 October, 2010, in Events, by Adam A. Ford

I spoke to Luan Ismahil, who is the ICT for Life Sciences Forum Convenor about the Singularity Summit just past, and also about how he got the ICT4LifeSciences going.  Perhaps there is a chance of cross promotion and such. Given all the hooha around Kurzweil’s predictions of being able to simulate the human brain by [...]

Who wants to live for ever : Implications of Immortality – Panel recorded at Aussiecon4

On 13 October, 2010, in Info, by Adam A. Ford

This panel was recorded at Aussiecon4 (World SciFi Convention) in Melbourne 2010. Immortality is a common element in science fiction and fantasy, but what would it actually be like? What would you need to do and think about if you were immortal? How would society need to change if we were all immortal? In a [...]

The slides for Kevin Korb’s presentation on The Ethics of AI is now up

On 13 October, 2010, in Info, by Adam A. Ford

It has lots of nice diagrams, and mathematical formulas. It covers various topics, inc: *what would an ai be *turing tests *Strong AI *Ethics of AI *Weizenbaum’s anti-ai argument *Ai smarter than us is out of our control, not sharing our motives, constraints and ethics , therefore when humans and AI have a conflict of [...]