Science, Technology & the Future

On 18 July, 2013, in Events, Info, News, by Adam A. Ford

Join us in Melbourne on Nov 30th – Dec 1st 2013 for an amazing experience. The conference will feature a diverse range of presenters: Scientists, Engineers, Artists and Philosophers will discuss evidence-based research, community awareness of rapid technological change, and scenarios for navigating our future. For more info visit : We will address the [...]

Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 – May 4-6

On 10 February, 2012, in Events, meetup, News, by Adam A. Ford

Keep up to date on what is happening for the next H+ Summit in Melbourne. The Humanity+ @ Melbourne conference is a collaboration between Humanity+, a nonprofit organization with chapters around the world. Previous Humanity+ conferences have occurred in a variety of locations including Europe, South America, Hong Kong, and major US universities like [...]

Humanity+ @HK

On 10 November, 2011, in Events, Info, by Adam A. Ford

December 3-4, Humanity+ @ Hong Kong at Polytechnic University. The historic first-ever transhumanist conference in Asia, will be at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Check out the amazing speaker list on the preliminary conference website The first Humanity+ conference held in Asia will take place in Hong Kong, on the 3rd-4th of December 2011 at [...]

Interview with Ben Goertzel Online

On 10 June, 2011, in Interview, News, by Adam A. Ford

Please forgive my hacky video editing, and crappy microphone.

Singularity Salon

On 26 May, 2011, in Events, meetup, by Adam A. Ford

Discussion on science / technology today and in the future. topics may include: General discussion on H+ Summit, how it is tracking, and content. robotic/Automated Scientists: – Eureqa – Adam the robot scientist makes its first discovery – automated theorem proving – Ben Goertzel coming to Melb – Patternist theory of mind – [...]

DNA sequencing Technologies and the $1000 Genome – ICT for Life Sciences Lecture

On 14 May, 2011, in Events, News, by Adam A. Ford

DNA sequencing has been one of the major advances in science over the last 30 years. It has increased our knowledge and understanding about the behaviour of the building blocks of life and why some people develop certain diseases and other do not. This has given medical researchers and the medical profession the ability to [...]

Carl Sagan – the Island of Human Intellectual Uniqueness

On 5 May, 2011, in Info, by Adam A. Ford

A quote from Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Chapter 3: The Great Demotions: “What about … whether we are capable of creating intelligences smarter than ourselves? Computers routinely do mathematics that no unaided human can manage, outperform world champions in checkers and grand masters in chess, speak and understand English and other languages, write presentable [...]

Singularity Salon – Thursday 5th of May 6.00 onwards

On 3 May, 2011, in Events, meetup, by Adam A. Ford

When: Thu, May 5, 6pm – 9pm GMT-07:00 Where: 220 Leicester Street Carlton VIC 3053 – At Melbourne Uni Graduate House About the Salon here – General discussion on H+ Summit, how it is tracking, and content. – Informal discussion on ‘Belief as Attire‘ – @ LessWrong on rationality & group identification (*please let me [...]

Singularity Salon 2 – Thurs 7th April

On 6 April, 2011, in Events, meetup, by Adam A. Ford

THE NEXT SALON is Thursday April 7th at 6pm (4pm for extra discussion time on Chalmers paper) -At Prudence, upstairs (if there is room). A general salon/discussion style chat about all things futurist…horizons of science, near term possibility…etc There is a bar, so beer is allowed. Details: Prudence 368 Victoria Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051 [...]

First Singularity Salon a Success

On 18 March, 2011, in Events, meetup, by Adam A. Ford

Had a generalised meeting entitled ‘Singularity Salon‘ on a few things futurist at Prudence bar in North Melbourne… A good turnout, had a round table discussion for about 5 hours and in the spirit of St Patrick made plenty of noise. We spoke about a range of subjects including the Japan nuclear disaster, CEV (Coherent [...]